Wednesday | December 6, 2023
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Metering & Billing Services

Axelrod Energy Services


Axelrod Energy Services is your one-stop shop for a wide range of metering devices including electric, gas, water, baseboard heat and fan-coil systems. We offer complete installation of various metering devices and also make direct sales of the equipment. Axelrod Energy Services offers flexible and comprehensive meter reading services and also a full package of billing services to help you manage your utilities. Our company offers courteous customer service to help answer any questions residents or management may have concerning billing. Axelrod Energy Services is your complete solution to energy submetering.


Meter Reading

Axelrod Energy Services offers a wide range of meter reading options.  These include:

• Meter readings provided by on-site managers.

• Meter readings by our own staff of professional meter readers.

• Electronically automated meter reading from our office.

Utility Billing Services

Our utility billing service includes electric, gas, water, and fan-coil systems. At this time our service area covers most of the East Coast.  We can bill at any rate structure, from simple, average cost applications to any public utility’s rate structure — including the more complex, tiered, commercial rate structures. We can custom tailor management reports to fit the needs of any management company. All of our services can be also be transmitted electronically and can be formatted to integrate directly into any management program.Our billing options range from the bills being bulk-mailed for distribution to direct mailing with or without collections, including return envelopes.  We are happy to custom tailor our services for our customers.  Our new web-based solution is an exciting way to easily consolidate all of your sub-metering operations, including:

• Managers and management companies can view all of their property and tenant information.

• Managers and management companies can generate customized reports and modify their billing systems.

• Individual tenants can obtain their current billing and history, and directly pay their bills online via our secure server.