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Axelrod Energy Services supplies and installs a variety of meters from various manufacturers.  We are the local distributor for Intellimeter and Inovonics, who supply very reliable and accurate metering systems.  We also have access to other metering systems from a variety of manufacturers to meet our customers unique requirements.  Let us find a solution for you!


Intellimeter Register 

The lntellimeter Register is a convenient, cost-effective, solid-state demand meter that measures and records electrical energy usage in tenant monitoring applications such as commercial buildings, shopping malls, airports and other multiple point operations.  The Register provides accurate and reliable information to help you manage electricity expenses.  It has a local dial display for on-site reading and may be optionally equipped with a pulse output for remote reading by an energy management system.


Intellimeter System

The Intellimeter System lets you automatically measure and read electric, gas and water energy usage remotely. The system is ideal for tenant monitoring in commercial buildings, shopping malls, airports and other locations requiring multiple-point monitoring.  The system uses patented metering and power line carrier communication technology to deliver accurate, reliable readings. Existing electrical wiring is used for system communications.  This system measures KWH, KW Peak Demand and Time of Use. Non-volatile memory ensures your data will not be lost in the event of a power outage. The meters calibrate themselves every 24 hours and send up-to-date status reports to the Central Station. Pulse Monitors can read water and gas meters, making the Intellimeter System a single source for all your utility monitoring.


Inovonics Tapwatch System

Inovonics’ TapWatch® submetering system was designed specifically for the multifamily industry.  This wireless system tracks monthly utility use and sends the data to our billing office.  Each resident receives a bill based on their personal usage. This process not only reduces a property’s operating expenses, but it also encourages utility conservation among residents. More than 1.6 million apartment units are currently using Inovonics’ submetering systems to recover utility costs.


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