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Why do I have to pay for my utility consumption?

Submetering is an ideal solution to ensure a fair, consumption-based resource management for tenants and to strengthen consumption awareness. Paying for your utilities can also eliminate the need for additional rent increases based on rising energy costs.

Why is my bill so high in the summer and in the winter?  How does the weather compare to previous years?

A couple of degrees difference in the monthly average temperature can mean a large increase in air conditioning, gas, or electric usage which translates to a larger bill. Temperatures that stay high for several days and nights in the summer can cause air conditioning that is set at a constant temperature to run continuously and similarly temperatures that stay below freezing for several days and nights in the winter can cause heating to run continuously.  For information about weather history in the area, visit the Franklin Institute at

What are my advantages with regard to measuring individual consumption?

Tenants will only pay for their actual utility consumption. With submetering, there is a direct benefit to tenants who conserve; those using less resources pay less.

When the RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing System) method is used, why aren't meters installed?

It may not be possible to install meters for each unit due to construction/building design restrictions. Or it may be cost prohibitive to install meters.

Will I be disturbed by meter readings?

No. Meters are typically located in a central location in a utility closet or storage area. Some readings are captured electronically to facilitate remote retrieval of accurate data. Tenants are not disturbed.

When are bills received?

Bills will be processed monthly to coincide with the utility billing. You will generally receive one bill every 30 days.

Who should I contact if I have any questions about my energy bill as provided by Axelrod Energy Services?

Simply click on our link to access your energy account, or call or email our customer care center.

Who do I inform about my move-in or move-out?

Your apartment manager is responsible for opening and closing your Axelrod Energy Services account for you. The property will contact Axelrod Energy Services to confirm your moving date and we will open or close your account accordingly.

Why do meters have to be installed at all?

Installing meters on radiators or in pipes makes it possible to determine the individual consumption of each user. On the basis of a simple principle: "People who have to pay for what they consume automatically consume less," the governments in various countries have now prescribed the consumption-based billing of heat and water by law. Their goal is to reduce energy consumption in buildings--which currently accounts for approximately 40% of total final energy consumption--without any loss of comfort for the user. Of this figure, about 84% is used for space heating and 15% in the bathroom and kitchen. Consumption-based billing is a way of achieving considerable energy savings, without a large investment, by changing the consumer's behavior. A study by the National Submetering and Utility Allocation Association (NSUAA) estimates that submetered properties use18-39% less water and RUBS properties use 6-27% less. Heating costs and hot water costs both break down into two sets of costs. First, there are the basic charges that include the costs for pipe losses. As these costs are always incurred regardless of individual consumption, they are generally divided among the users according to the size of their apartments. This cost factor is not influenced by your heating habits. The other part is the consumption costs on which your heating habits have a direct influence. The metering of individual consumption ensures fair allocation of this second part of the costs. The user only pays for what he or she actually uses.

What are heat meters?

Heat meters are installed directly in the pipe system and measure the exact physical measurement of the heat. Heat consumption is calculated from the difference between supply and return temperature of the heat medium as well as the flow rate.

What are water meters?

Water meters are installed in the pipe system; consumption readings are displayed in gallons and cubic meters. Water meters measure exact physical measurement .

Can I work out how much my heating bill will be from the meter readings?

You cannot work out your heating costs from the number of units consumed shown on the meter. Heat allocation meters do not show heat consumption in physical measuring units such as kWh or cfm, but only in a dimensionless display or in consumption values (divisions on a scale or series of numbers). These display values and consumption values are taken as a basis to determine the proportion of heat which each user has consumed, and therefore also his share of total consumption. These measurements are then used to calculate actual consumption.

Can the consumption figures for different years be compared with each other?

No. Even if the same amount of fuel is used in different heating periods, the consumption figures displayed may be different. This depends on the different temperatures outside, the length of the heating period, etc. Nevertheless, the heating costs are still allocated fairly as all meter readings taken in a property are added together and set against the total heating costs for the building.

Does Axelrod Energy Services need to enter my apartment to read my meter?

No. How the consumption values are read depends on what kind of meters are installed in your apartment. Some meters need to be read manually. These are normally in a central location either in an electric room or in a location on each floor. Meters can also be read in the following ways depending on what communication features your meter is equipped with: Wireless meter-reading: All readings are taken at a central point on the property without each apartment having to be entered. Two systems are available for this type of meter-reading. The data can either be transmitted wirelessly or by cable using a remote reading system. Automatic meter-reading: The most convenient option: The consumption values are transmitted to a central point outside the property. This means the data is retrieved by the data processing center (computer control room) wirelessly. There is no need to make appointments or enter apartments.

What happens when there is a change of occupancy?

When there is a new tenant, the property manager, landlord or owner forwards new tenant information to Axelrod Energy Services. They may provide meter readings taken on the date of the tenant change. The readings taken are checked and stored. They are then taken into account when the utility costs are billed at the end of the billing period. The previous user and the new user each receive a separate bill for their consumption.

What happens if the meters in my apartment were not read or could not be read?

If the consumption of a tenant cannot be read for a billing period because a meter failed or cannot be read for other reasons, consumption must be determined by the owner of the building. This is done based on the consumption of the relevant rooms in former comparable billing periods or the consumption of other comparable rooms in the current billing period. The proportionate consumption determined in this way will then be taken in the cost allocation calculation instead of the missing consumption readings.